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Volusion Inventory Management and Stock Control

Our Volusion Experts can help you manage you store inventory by uploading your products for you and then manage the inventory and stock levels. Allowing you to concentrate on maximising your sales revenue and managing your business.

  • We use the powerful import feature in Volusion to upload products with the descriptions, options, child products and categories. This is far more efficient than individually uploading the products using the data entry screen. If you have product information in spreadsheet suppled to you by your suppler we transform this into the correct format that will be accepet by the import feature.
  • We carry out bulk image editing and resizing using the Volusion image generator and upload using FTP. Prior to uploading the product images we can PhotoShop them to ensure they promote your products in the best possible way to your customers.
  • Our understanding of SEO and will take care of all the SEO fields for the products.
  • Stock levels can be set and updated

We can maintain your stock level so your Volusion displays live stock levels using our Volusion Inventory Management system.

Any time an available quantity is changed, that quantity is automatically updated on your Volusion site to prevent oversells and undersells. This quantity syncing between your in house stock control system is a great feature, because out of stocks can be so dangerous for your eCommerce business leading to unhappy customers and negative feedback.

Several things can happen to affect the available quantity and prompt an update. The actual on-hand quantity changes due to an inventory add or remove transaction. For example a shop sale or new stock coming in. Another action that affects available quantity is, of course, when Volusion orders come in. As soon as the sale comes in stock in your in house can be decremented.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you manage your products and stock levels in Volusion.