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Business to Business Web Design Solutions

Our core business is developing business driven web solutions that work, generate sales leads, integrate with your sales and marketing plans and are found.

How can we achieve this?

With our background in sales and marketing, we understand how to deliver sales driven web solutions.

Our experienced team offers a wide skill set to ensure that we can deliver simple brochure site to a complex database driven solution.

We never see a client as a one off project, but a long term partnership and many of our clients have been with us from the beginning.

To find out how we can benefit your business, please contact us now.

"We design and develop high quality, business driven and cost effective web sites for a diverse range of clients"

"Search Engine Optimisation will help your business gain more leads, more sales and make more profit"

"We can e-commerce enable you site to allow you to sell your products and services online"

Our Approach to Web Design and Web Development

Our approach to web design is to first understand your business and the expectations of your web site. Then offer sound advice on the best type of web presence to meet your immediate and long term business goals and objectives. This may be a simple brochure web site to more complex database driven solution utilising a back end content management system.

The next stage is to bench mark your competitors web sites to understand their best design practices. Where appropriate we would suggest the best practices to can be incorporated in the design of your site.

Then we construct a wire frame web site that shows the site structure (pages) and navigation system so the client and ourselves can see how the site is going to work. This may go through a number of iterations until both parties agree that the best solution has been reached.

After the the wire frame site has been completed the content of the pages will be developed. At this stage we consider search engine optimisation so the key phrases can be included in the site from the ground up and not as an after thought. In parallel with developing the copy our graphic design team will transform the wire frame site into a clean, bright and refreshing website design and be sympathetic to your corporate and/or brand image.

We use this approach due our sales, marketing and business background that differentiate us from other web design companies that have grown out of a purely design background. This approach to web site design ensures that a business driven solution is achieved.

Web Site Design Services

We design and develop high quality, business driven and cost effective web sites for a diverse range of clients enabling them to benefit from the commercial opportunities provided by the internet. These range from simple brochure based sites to e-commerce sites.

Our goal is to position our clients above their competitors and help grow your business with your online presence. Our web sites are built from a blank canvas and never from templates, ensuring every design is entirely bespoke, optimised for the search engines and will set you apart from your competitors.

Whether you have an exiting web site that is not performing and requires a make over or a complete re-design. A new start up company that requires an online presence, then we can help.

We take pride in our work with companies that have no previous on-line presence, and have a proven track record in building effective sites for small businesses.

We will advise you, in plain English, on all issues including:

Our Approach to Search Engine Optimisation

Our approach to Search Engine Optimisation is a different from many SEO companies as we only carry out this work for local companies who we can meet face to face so we can understand your business and develop as SEO plan that will work for you and continue to drive business to your site.

Our proven steps are:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Assign keywords to relevant pages on the site
  3. Optimise the pages for the keywords
  4. Re-code the pages using the latest web standards to ensure that the pages are very search engine friendly (In most cases the original graphical design will be retained)

Web Sites go Mobile. Join the mobile revolution and take your website to the mobile masses.

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